Cookie policy

Cookie policy

We use cookies or other technologies which retrieve information about your browser in order to improve your convenience and security as you use our website. We respect your privacy so you can configure cookie settings at any time. The majority of web browsers make it possible to display, delete and manage cookie settings. Saved information helps us improve our products to match them to your preferences. For more information visit: Privacy PolicyList of cookiesList of trusted partners.

What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny text files sent by a server or an online shop app which are saved on the customer’s endpoint device (for example a computer or a smartphone). They are used to store information as well as analytical and statistical data necessary for proper operation of the service and for adapting the shop to your preferences. Cookies have no impact on your device and they do not change the configuration of the endpoint device. Depending on type, cookies are either removed after the browser is closed (session cookies) or are saved on the device for some time (persistent cookies). Cookies help us improve our services.

Which cookie technologies do we use?

Our online shop uses technologies that store data on endpoint devices for analytical and marketing purposes and to ensure proper functioning of the shop in order to optimally match our products and services to your expectations. The website may use features similar to cookies (for example local storage) so the information presented herein applies to such technologies as well.

Whom does the cookies technology apply to?

Cookies (or similar technologies) are used whenever you use our services through the App or the Online Shop. Cookies are saved on your device depending on your preferences and device settings, for example web browser settings.

Do cookies store personal data?

The stored information does not include any personal data which could directly identify you. Some of the information may become personal data in combination with data obtained as a result of your registration on our website. Consequently, Privacy Policy provisions regarding Personal Data apply in this respect, especially as regards the right of data subjects. The list of trusted partners who have access to cookies or who place them on our behalf is available on the List of trusted partners.

For what purpose do we use cookies?

Cookies are necessary for proper use of the online shop and in this context information is saved for the purpose of:

• authentication of a signed-in user,
• saving the products added to the cart as you shop on the website,
• evaluation and measurability of data related to the shopping process,
• guaranteeing security.

Your consent is not required for the use of essential cookies.

In order to improve your convenience and security during your visit in the online shop, we use functional and personalised cookies to save the following information:

• adaptation of products to fashion preferences of users who visit our online shops,
• user preferences regarding filtered products, language, location, age and gender,
• browsing history, time spent on the website,
• user identification in terms of displayed content matching the user’s preferences.

Analytical cookies store information on how you use the website. They help us improve our products and services to allow you to use our website in the best way possible. Analytical systems collect the following information:

• technical data about the web browser type and IP address,
• how much time you spend on the shop website,
• the user’s actions on the website (e.g. preparing a shopping list, placing an order, steps taken while placing an order),
• the user’s response to promoted products.

Promotional cookies are used to present products in accordance with your preferences in order to display products and services optimally matching your needs. We store them in order to:

• ensure convenience to the users of our online shops,
• contact newsletter subscribers,
• determine the success ratio of our marketing campaigns.

Our use of functional, analytical and marketing cookies requires your consent.

Deletion of cookies

Default web browsers or other software installed on a computer or on another device of the user connected to the Internet allow placing certain types of cookies on devices. You can disable or delete cookies coming from our online shop or from our partners in your privacy settings by changing your browser settings at any time. The method for disabling/deleting cookies will differ depending on the web browser you use. To learn how to delete cookies, go to the Help section of your web browser. For example, cookies in Internet Explorer can be modified as follows: Tools -> Internet options -> Privacy; in Mozilla Firefox: Settings -> Privacy & Security; and in Google Chrome: Settings -> Privacy and security -> Cookies and other site data.

Below you will find links to web browsers (with information on how to modify their settings on your endpoint devices):

• Chrome (
• Internet Explorer (
• Firefox (
• Opera (
• Microsoft Edge (
• Safari (

Information about cookie management on a mobile phone or another mobile device can be found in the user guide/manual of a particular phone or mobile device.

Remember that the purpose of saving cookies is to provide you with access to proper and uninterrupted use of our website and to allow you to shop in our online shops comfortably and in accordance with your preferences and fashion taste.

Deletion of cookies does not mean that the Controller has deleted the Personal Data obtained through cookies.

Privacy Policy Update!

We are constantly looking for new solutions to better respond to your expectations when using our Service. We respect your privacy and care about the protection of your information, so in connection with updating the operation of the Service, we ask you to read the new version of the Privacy Policy, where we present the principles of handling personal data, the scope of their processing and the rights and obligations you have in this connection.