Coats, jackets, bomber

There comes a day in the year when we ditch the heavyweight winter coats in favour of the lightweight garments. Be ready for this moment with Reserved! In the new collection you will find many trendy jackets and coats. A quilted jacket or coat will help you survive the transition period. These are comfortable and look brilliant teamed up with jeans, a T-shirt and a sweatshirt. Do you follow trends and are a bit of a fashionista? You will go mad about the candy coloured coasts! Blue, pink, green and red….We do love spring and summer because of the bright colours. Pullover jackets are making quite a comeback- flared at the bottom with a roomy hood. Fans of a classic wardrobe will fall for the timeless classic trench coats with statement details. Buttons are swapped for buckles and zips. At the season’s peak slip on a biker style jacked in pastel colour. Quality is key therefore in the collection you will find garments made with leather and wool blend items. Coats and jackets are like decorative wrapping paper for your day to day outfits, it is certainly worth going for something spectacular.