Just how many times have you stood in front of your wardrobe thinking I have nothing to wear? Our timeless pieces, kept at the very back of the cupboard are the saviours keeping panic attacks at bay in those situations. We favour a double breasted blazer which teamed up with fitted jeans and white shirt makes a comfortable and smart look. It is also worth making a couple of capsule-type investment purchases with a detail or pattern that stands out. In this season you will notice a lot of suit jackets in floral and oriental print. Combined with trousers featuring a front crease will make an impressive outfit for any occasion. You can also swap the suit jacket for a more relaxed model made of soft knitted jersey. And if you are keen for colour and statement pieces go for a longline kimono which will look great worn out at festivals and around the city. Check out the new collection of blazers and suit jackets by Reserved!