Due to the seasons clothes regularly rotate in women’s wardrobes. One element stays in there regardless- a dress. Do not hide tuck away the knitted dresses or these in autumnal florals. As long as you can ditch the warm tights in favour of colourful accessories – high heels, a dainty handbag or some earrings. And if you want to allure the Sun check our new collection out which is dominated by saturated colours- lilac, green, electric blue, pink and red. In the spring/summer season of 2018 we have focused on three major trends. The first one is so called ‘the perfect base’, meaning dresses which make the core of an outfit. Made of smooth materials in neutral tones sometimes surprise by an irregular texture. They come in various fits- fitted bodycon or an oversized T-shirt. The second trend is exotic print featuring flowers and plant. It is a fabulous motif which is worth injecting into your summer outfits. It looks amazing on maxi dresses which will work on beach holidays as well as n a hot day in the city. Beautiful weather commences the season of special occasions during which we aim to look trendy and elegant. The last, third trend is about the atmosphere of the events. We are talking about the details and features- corset ties, decorative lase, statement frills and flowy fringing. To a friends’ wedding opt out for a flowy, floral dress to accentuate the romantic feel to the day. To a family affair wear something classic. Go for a slightly flared dress, embellished with a frill or pearls. If dresses are not your thing swap it for a jumpsuit. It always looks spectacularly and makes the perfect choice to wear to a party or a date with your beloved. You know what is best about dresses? They do not take much space in your wardrobe and always make a complete look. And you can always mix and match them with a variety of accessories. All it takes is swapping heels for sneakers and a handbag for a back pack.