Online Shop Terms & Conditions

1. Company, contact

1.1    The online shop operating on the Internet at is run by LPP S.A., Łąkowa 39/44, 80-769 Gdańsk, Poland

1.2       The Customer may contact the entity running the online shop as follows:

- at LPP S.A., Łąkowa 39/44, 80-769 Gdańsk, Poland

- by e-mail to:

- through the contact form on the website of the online shop.

2. General rules of using the Reserved online shop

2.1. The online shop may be used only by persons who are at least 18 years old.

2.2. Anyone under 18 may use the online shop only with the consent of their parents or legal guardians.

2.3. Anyone who registers and shops in the online shop gives their personal data and agrees to their processing by LPP on the terms as defined in the Privacy Policy .

2.4. To confirm the correctness of the data given during the registration in the online shop, the Customer receives an e-mail with a request to confirm their data.

3. Order placement

3.1.  Orders are accepted through

3.2.  The products in the online shop are specifically marked. The website includes information about the features of the products, their prices and materials of which they are made

3.3.  While ordering a product, the Customer selects it in a manner specific for that product, defining in particular its size, colour, and, if necessary, providing other specific information and the quantity of the ordered products.  

4. How to buy in the online shop – a detailed guide

4.1   Once the Customer chooses a product, the “Add to basket” icon should be clicked.

4.2   The product is moved to basket that becomes visible after clicking the basket icon in the upper right corner of the site. The Customer can go to basket by clicking the “Checkout” button, which activates a page displaying all the products in basket.

4.3       Selecting the “Order” option will launch a page where the Customer should enter data required for the transaction and shipment of the ordered products.

4.4       After logging in to the online shop, the Customer gains access to additional options in the Customer panel, such as: order history, a possibility to view the status of the most recent order, saving shipping addresses, a possibility of receiving the latest product information from the shop.

4.5       Having selected the shipping method (with shipping to the specified address or to a selected Reserved point of sale) and entered all the required details (including billing details, if necessary), the payment method should be chosen.

4.6       The Customer may choose online payment card payment, transfer through PayPal;

4.7       The Client places the order by clicking the “Order and Pay” button.

4.8       After clicking the “Order and Pay” button, and if the Customer has selected online payment – after making the payment through PayPal, the Customer is redirected to a page confirming the order; from that page, they can either continue shopping or go to order summary.

4.9       If online payment is chosen as the payment method (card payment or transfer through PayPal), the payment must be made immediately after the order was placed. If LPP or the entities participating in the transaction (PayPal or Stripe) do not receive the payment, the order is considered to have been placed incorrectly, which means that there is no contract and the order will not be processed. If this is the case, the Customer will have to place another order.

4.10     At any stage of the order placement, until the payment is made, the Customer can cancel the order by discontinuing the ordering process and leaving the ordering website. An order  the placement of which has not been completed will not be processed.

4.11     Promptly after an order is placed, the Customer will receive an order confirmation e-mail to the address they have specified in the login details. The e-mail will include an individual order number that can be used e.g. to check order status.

4.12     LPP may contact the Customer at the e-mail address or the indicated phone number to clarify any doubt, confirm the order placement or in any other matters connected with order processing. 

5. Prices

5.1       The prices in the online shop stated in Euros are gross prices, inclusive of the VAT.

5.2       The price of the product is increased by the shipping cost, which depends on the selected shipping and payment method.

5.3       The price specified on the site at the moment of placing the order is the final price, binding both upon the Customer and LPP. Once the order is placed, the price will not change, notwithstanding any price adjustments made by LPP and regardless of any special offers or clearance sale campaigns.

5.4       LPP reserves the right to change the prices of the products available in the online shop, launch new products, launch and cancel special offers on the shop’s websites or change them in line with the Civil Code of Poland and other applicable laws. 

6. Availability of the ordered products

6.1       All the products offered in the online shop are in stock.

6.2       In special cases, e.g. if many Customers order the same product simultaneously, the product may not be available. If this is the case, the Customer will be informed that the order cannot be processed.

6.3       The product data sheet includes full information about the size range – currently unavailable sizes are also listed but are clearly marked with a colour other than the one used for available sizes and they are crossed out. A product in an unavailable size cannot be added to basket.

7. Inability to process an order

If a product is out of stock or the order cannot be processed for any other reason, the Customer will be notified via e-mail or phone about any order processing issues and possible solutions.

8. Shipping method and order lead time

8.1       Goods are only shipped within the subcontinental part of clients country.

8.2       If the Customer uses an online payment method (PayPal or card), the order processing commences after LPP’s account is confirmed to have been credited (through PayPal or card - Stripe).

8.3       If the selected products are available, and the Customer has chosen shipment to a specified address or point of sale, the 4-6 working days following successful order placement. The shipping time can be longer during clearance sales or special campaigns.

8.4    PLEASE NOTE: If the Customer chooses online payment (PayPal or card) as the payment method, order processing commences after the account of LPP or the intermediary entities is credited with 100% of the amount due for the order, and this is when the time limit for shipping the products to the Customer starts to run.

8.5       Orders are delivered by a courier service chosen by LPP.

9. Order payment methods

9.1       Bank transfer: LPP accepts quick transfers made through Stripe (card payment) or online transfers through PayPal. The payment operation takes place between the Customer and the selected payment operator.

9.2       LPP does not accept traditional transfers, so the Customer will not receive any account number to which they can transfer the money e.g. at a post office.

9.3       Payment card: The Customer must have a card that allows them to make online payments. Payment by card is made through PayPal or Stripe. The payment operation is made between the Customer and the operator of the Customer's card.

9.5       Please note! The Online Shop will never send the Customer a notice stating that the account for the payment has changed and that a traditional transfer needs to be made. If the Customer receives such an e-mail – they should not make the payment or respond to the e-mail, but forward the e-mail in an unchanged form to LPP to

10. Sales contract

10.1    The information available on does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.

10.2     The Contract is entered into in English.

11. Contract performance – deadline 

Depending on the shipping method selected by the Customer (standard or pickup in a point of sale), LPP undertakes to have the goods delivered to the Customer within 4-6 working days (for standard) of the correct order placement. If the product is out of stock or the order cannot be processed for any other reason, LPP shall promptly contact the Customer, suggesting possible solutions. Working days are days from Monday through Friday, except for public holidays.

12. Shipping cost

12.1     Goods are only shipped within the subcontinental part of clients country.

12.2      The gross shipping cost depends on the shipping and payment method and it is:

-         for standard shipping by a courier service and online payment over EUR 50 – EUR 0.00*;

-         for standard shipping by a courier service and online payment under EUR 50 –EUR 4.99;

*Free delivery on purchases non-discounted products over 50 EUR

13. Contract rescission

13.1     The Customer has the right to rescind the sales contract within 30 days without cause.

13.2     The right of rescission expires 30 days of the day on which the Customer came into possession of the products or a third party specified by the Customer and other than the carrier came into possession of the product.

13.3     To exercise the right of rescission, the Customer must submit a clear notice of rescission to LPP using one of the following channels:

- by e-mail to:

- by filling in and submitting the online form available in the Customer panel for every order; if the form is used, the Customer will receive a prompt confirmation that LPP has received their notice of rescission.

Please note! Each of the notice submission methods is admissible and they are all equally effective. LPP recommends the online form available in the Customer panel only because it is an easy and quick method.

13.4     To make sure that the rescission deadline is adhered to, it is enough for the Customer to send the notice on exercising their right to rescind the contract before the expiry of the rescission deadline.

13.5     In the event of sales contract rescission, LPP refunds all the received payments to the Customer, including the costs of delivering a product without undue delay, and in no case later than 14 days after the date when LPP received the Customer’s notice on exercising their right to rescind the sales contract.

13.6     The refund shall be made using the same payment channel as was used by the Customer in the original transaction, unless the Customer has explicitly agreed to another solution. In any case, the Customer will bear no charges connected with that refund.

13.7     LPP may withhold the refund until it receives the product back or until the Customer provides a proof of sending the product back, whichever takes place first.

13.8   The Customer will be liable for diminished value of the product resulting from its being used otherwise than as necessary to determine the nature, features and functioning of the product.

14. Complaints

14.1      The sales involves new products free of defects. If the products have any defects, LPP shall be liable for the defects.

14.2     Any product bought in the Reserved online shop can be complained about under the applicable statutory warranty provisions of the EU Directive on the liability for defective products, if a defect was found in the product within two years of its acquisition by the Customer, where the defect makes the product inconsistent with the contract.

14.3     The product may be returned through the Customer's choice of shipping (at their own cost and responsibility), by sending it at a GLS point or through GLS courier pick-up at LPP’s cost. To use free shipping through GLS, the Customer must fill in the contract.

14.4     Complaints submitted by post must specify the causes of the complaint and the information required to identify the order. A complaint can be filed using the “Complaint” form (available on the website, in the Customer panel, next to every order), which can be filled in online or printed, and the products can be sent back to:  LPP E-commerce Panattoni Park Tricity South II 83-000 Będzieszyn Będzieszyn 103, Poland

14.5     LPP shall examine the complaint within 14 days and shall inform the Customer about the outcome.

14.6     If the outcome of the complaint is positive, the Customer will be reimbursed for any reasonable costs of shipping the defective products to the online shop.

14.7     If the outcome of the complaint is negative, the goods will be shipped back to the Customer with a notice explaining that the complaint was deemed unfounded.

15. Order termination

15.1     The Client may resign from the order.

15.2     The Customer may cancel an order on their own within 15 minutes of placing the order in the Customer panel in the “My orders” tab, by clicking “Cancel order” next to the order.

15.3     The Customer may cancel the order by contacting the Customer Service and through the contact form available on the website.

16. Miscellaneous

A proof of purchase is enclosed with every purchased item. The Client may download the invoice in the Customer panel.  LPP shall not be liable if the Customer provides incorrect data.

16.1. Personal data processing

The Customer's consent to LPP’s processing of personal data is voluntary but failure to grant the consent to the personal data processing makes it impossible to register and shop in the online shop. Any information about personal data processing is available in the Privacy Policy.

16.2. Personal data processing for marketing purposes

The Customer may agree to the processing of their personal data and entrusting of the data to a third party to receive commercial information from LPP e.g. about special offers. Any information about this is available in the Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy Update!

We are constantly looking for new solutions to better respond to your expectations when using our Service. We respect your privacy and care about the protection of your information, so in connection with updating the operation of the Service, we ask you to read the new version of the Privacy Policy, where we present the principles of handling personal data, the scope of their processing and the rights and obligations you have in this connection.