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Shop safely!

The RESERVED store, whose owner is LPP S.A., can be found online at: www.reserved.com

Currently, the RESERVED brand does not provide a mobile app.



RESERVED mobile apps are published by:

LPP S.A. E-commerce in Google Play,
LPP S.A. in App Store.

RESERVED apps published by other creators are a scam attempt.


Tips for safe online shopping

  1. Verify the website address:
    • check the address or descriptions on the site for errors or typos - errors can indicate that the site is fake,
    • the padlock symbol next to a store's web address does not mean that it is always safe to shop there - the padlock only indicates that communication is secure, which does not protect you from scammers,
    • when using search engines, always check that you have been redirected to the official address of our store indicated above.
  2. Try to avoid clicking on links you get via e-mail, social media messaging service or text messages, especially shortened links that may take you to a fake site. If you receive such a message:
    • be careful and check where the link leads to before you click it - hover the mouse cursor directly over the link without clicking on it to see the full website address,
    • avoid logging into your online store account via the link you received. It’s safer to log in by typing in the store address yourself,
    • do not download or install additional applications via the link you received. It’s safer to search for the application yourself on Google Play or App Store,
    • after clicking on a link you received, do not provide your personal details or bank details to unverified entities,
    • do not make additional payments, such as for the delivery / shipping of an order only based on the message you got. Always verify this with the store where you made the purchase.
  3. Verify the credibility of the online store:
    • verify that the company exists and that the seller's contact information is provided on the website,
    • unrealistic deals or super discounts may indicate that it is a scam attempt - always verify such bargains before making any purchase,
    • check if the store's website provides documents such as terms of purchase, return policy or privacy policy – the absence of such documents or their overly simple form may indicate a scam.
  4. Update your computer software regularly and scan your devices with antivirus software.
  5. Use complex login passwords.



If you're not sure whether you are at our official online store or if you receive suspicious messages about RESERVED, contact us at: support.ie@reserved.com


If you are the victim of a scam, you can report it to the police or to the relevant institution responsible for cyber security in your country. The list of institutions can be found here.  


Privacy Policy Update!

We are constantly looking for new solutions to better respond to your expectations when using our Service. We respect your privacy and care about the protection of your information, so in connection with updating the operation of the Service, we ask you to read the new version of the Privacy Policy, where we present the principles of handling personal data, the scope of their processing and the rights and obligations you have in this connection.