We accept the following types of payments in our online store:

Credit or debit card

If you want to pay for your purchases by payment card, select payment by Card. Then, type in your card number, expiration date and CCV code and accept the transaction by pressing the "Pay" button. The amount will be deducted from your Visa or Mastercard payment card.

Google Pay

A form of payment designed for Google Pay app users. It speeds up the payment process, by allowing users to pay with a payment card or a prepaid card that has been added to the app beforehand. During setup, the payment card data is tokenized, which means that the card number is stored in encrypted form (a string of digits that constitute the payment token). To pay using this method, select the G Pay icon during payment. In the next step, log into your Google account and indicate the card you want to use to pay for your purchase. If you have not previously added the card to your Google account, you will be able to fill in its details at this stage. Finalize the payment after confirming the purchase in the Google Pay app.


If you want to pay with PayPal, choose this option in payment options. After logging in to your account, which is connected to your credit card or bank account, accept the transaction with the "Pay" button. The amount will be automatically transferred from your account.

Important! We do not accept traditional bank transfers or American Express.

Privacy Policy Update!

We are constantly looking for new solutions to better respond to your expectations when using our Service. We respect your privacy and care about the protection of your information, so in connection with updating the operation of the Service, we ask you to read the new version of the Privacy Policy, where we present the principles of handling personal data, the scope of their processing and the rights and obligations you have in this connection.