You have 2 years from the day of receipt of your order to put forward a complaint regarding a product/s you have purchased. All complaints concerning a product bought online must be reported by creating a complaint request in your customer account (‘My Account’ -> ‘My Orders’ -> ‘Details’ of order -> ‘Make complaint’) and ordering a free of charge GLS courier to ship the item/s to us for verification. Please attach the invoice and a description of the complaint (may be handwritten note), which speeds up the solution of the case. Complaints are investigated within 14 days from the day of receipt by our warehouse. According to standard procedures, in case of an admitted complaint, a refund for the item/s will be issued to your bank account. If your complaint is not admitted, then the item/s will be sent back to you at our cost.

To order a free of charge GLS courier, please go to your account and create a complaint request.

Complaints are sent to the following address:

LPP E-commerce Panattoni Park Tricity South II
83-000 Będzieszyn
Będzieszyn 103, Poland

Your personal data is safe with us

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