In autumn and winter, T-shirts work as a bottom garment when layering up. At school, underneath a jumper or a sweatshirt they make the base of casual wardrobe. Reversible sequins continue to be super-trendy which girls and boys just adore. Apart from that on T-shirts by Reserved you will find eye-catching appliques, trendy streetwear style slogans and cute frills. Amongst prints a rainbow unicorn will reign. We follow the changes in fashion and that’s why we are offering tops made of organic cotton. They are environment-friendly and feels exceptional on a child’s skin. In autumn and winter, it is worth choosing a light T-shirt in pink or white to go with some dark trousers. On the other hand, when it comes to vibrant colour stylisations- they can be toned down by a black or navy-blue top. Younger girls will definitely fall for their beloved PUSHEEN and SMILEY. All this at the online shop by RESERVED.