Why sometimes there are two prices on the label – the higher price stuck on the lower one?

Labels are printed long before the introduction of the product to the store. The reason for two different prices on the label is the repricing of a model prior to the sale. Prices can be changed either to lower or higher. There can be various reasons for changing prices – from economic factors, such as a change in exchange rates or a change in transport prices, to typical human error. In this case, the incorrect price is scribbled out, and a new price is stuck on the old one.

Is it true that the original price is increased before a sale or introduction of a special offer?

Placing higher price and promotional price at the same time is illegal. Such practices have no place in Reserved. Potential price changes take place before the introduction of the product to the store.

Why not all colours of the same model are marked down?

The decision about price reduction is motivated by many factors (including the customers’ interest in a given model). Sometimes, some colours are less popular than others and they tend to be marked down. Therefore, it may happen that only one colour will be marked down while other colours will remain the regular price.