How to buy

We do our best to make shopping at our service as friendly and intuitive as possible. Below you will find information about standard procedure to follow in order to purchase products with us.

1. You can add products to your bag while you are on a product page (where you can learn more about the product: pictures, colours and sizes available).

2. Once you have selected size (see "size guide" for measurements) you can add the product to your bag. You may also add it to your "wishlist", from which you will be able to move products to the bag.You can only add available sizes to your bag, whereas your "wishlist" can contain products and sizes currently out of stock (these appear grey). While on the product page you may also check the availability of the product in our London store.

    1. Choose size

    2. Add to cart


3. Each time you add a product to the bag you will see a notification in the upper part of the screen and a product count notification on the bag icon in the upper right hand corner will increase.

4. Clicking on the bag in the upper right hand corner will take you to checkout, where you can (B) change the number of items you wish to purchase. You can also (A) delete unwanted products from your bag there. (C) is a box for coupon code.

5. When you make sure that your bag is ready you can go through checkout process. In this step, you will be able to choose delivery method and address, and invoice data as an option. Depending on the payment method you choose, you will have to input your card information or you will be redirected to PayPal service afterwards. Accept the terms and conditions, click "Buy" and that's it!

6. After placing your order you will receive an automatic confirmation email with information on further processing of the order.